About the  "Still Life with Cezanne"  Series


  I like to think of this series of chromogenic prints as a visual dialogue or duet between Cezanne's still lifes and my own.  I hope the viewer will notice and find interesting the differences and similarities in the ways in which we treat color, composition, and space.

  When the idea for this series occurred to me, I had been devoting myself to silver gelatin photography.  After many years as a painter who gloried in color, I was captivated by black and white.  However, I felt strongly that this concept had to be realized in color. Cezanne cannot be discussed on any level without his use of color to define form and space.  Now, I am intoxicated with color again.

  Cezanne has always been a great source of inspiration to me.  With this series, I have made an arranged marriage between us, although for me it is definitely a love match.

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