Silver Gelatin Still Lifes

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Egg in Bowl w/Apple & Pear
Pear w/Pattypans & Corn
Pears w/Tapemeasure & Thread
Round Squash on Napkin w/Pear
Eggs and Roses
Three Pears
Bowl of Blueberries & Bowl of Thread
An Egg and Two Roses
Nectarines w/Tapemeasure & Thread
An Egg and Two Pears
One Rose & Five Roses
Pear with Two Nectarines & Corn
Two Pears w/Basketweave Napkin
Two Pears w/Egg in Bowl
Daisy & Lily with Cherries
Lilies and Cherries
Cherries in Bowl w/ Apple & Egg
Lilies & Irises with NY Times
Iris and Lily with Cherries
Streamers & Eggs

Silver Gelatin Photographs printed on 16 X 20 inch warm-toned, double weight Ektalure paper within strict archival parameters in editions of 25.

Image sizes are approximately 14 X 19 inches.

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Copyright Estate of Shirley Pasternak 2021.   All rights reserved.